Friday, August 30, 2013

What Is the Main Role of Physiotherapists in Rehabilitation?

Trained to treat various back pains including spinal and lumbar ones, physiotherapists assess and employ a wide range of techniques in order to help these conditions. Physiotherapists are trained to treat back pains that are triggered by a wide range of medical conditions and infections. However, before giving a diagnosis, physiotherapists must asses the back condition in order to make sure that they are not dealing with a life-threatening disease.  

Few questions will be asked regarding the patient's medical history that may include questions on bladder and bowel control, weight and epilepsy. Assessing the patient's current gait and position is paramount when providing a diagnosis as the objective methods that are used in physiotherapy are all about discovering the strains and stresses that affect the patient's joints. 

Lumbar pains can easily cause spinal ones as the patient becomes more and more limited to only several patterns of movement due to the existing stiff spine. When trying to asses the patient's back condition, other spinal movements are also being tested including the sensitivity of the patient's skin, sacrum-iliac joints and his/her muscle reflexes and strength - all this is done by measuring the pain proximity and by pressure pinching and palpitating the patient's lumbar segments. Find a Thornhill massage therapist here    

Physiotherapists asses the back pain and provide the necessary treatment that is designed according to the gravity of the patient's back issue - so, if the patient suffers from extremely painful joints, he/she will have to use just gentle exercises and few pain killers are to be used. Stretching out the back issues can also be involved once the stiffness of the back is assessed and this means that the patient will have to use more demanding exercises in order to restore the health of his/her back area.   

But the treatment is complete only when the patient is able to regain his/her full stability meaning that he/she has regained full control over the back area thus being able to perform harder tasks without any professional assistance. Working on his/her new body posture is the next thing the patient needs to do once he/she is released from the rehabilitation program in order to prevent further relapses or reoccurrences of lumbar pains. Read more by clicking here.

The patient must exercise until he/she reaches the point where the joints can fully perform without any debilitating back pains and future episodes of spinal pain are likely to be avoided. But physiotherapists are also fully aware that each patient can react in a very different way than others even when it comes to the same treatment - this is the main reason why every treatment is going to be designed according to the patient's own back condition.